TechTalks: Smart Water Networks IoT

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Digital Water Solutions: Leakage And Smarter Networks

  • Ensuring minimum water loss during the supply from water plant to the end-user
  • How has technology advanced in this field and which new opportunities can help to achieve constant and reliable monitoring and response
  • What are the efficiencies that a data driven approach can bring?
  • Using AI and machine learning to more accurately pinpoint leaks
  • Meeting regulations and water leakage targets

Neil Edwards, CTO & Founder, FIDO Tech

Automatic Identification Of Leaks: Reducing The Run Time of Leaks With Permanent

  • Highly sensitive hydrophone sensors that can cover the whole network regardless of pipe material or diameter
  • Installation in existing meter box chambers, increasing options and coverage in the planning and location of your fixed network system
  • Accurate time synchronisation and innovative correlation analytics reduce costs by requiring fewer loggers deployed per km of network
  • Efficient pinpointing with high conversion rate of Points of Interest to leak repairs
  • Rapid detection of new leaks as they break out on the network
  • Identification of leakage in areas where night flow methods are challenging because of unpredictable demand

Alan Cunningham, Subject Matter Expert, Ovarro

George Heywood, Subject Matter Expert (Data Analytics and Asset Management), Ovarro

Pulse Flow RO Technology For High Recovery Water Reuse

  • Water scarcity and global climate changes creates a need for more sustainable water sources
  • Treated wastewater is an abundant and a potentially useful source for industrial and municipal reuse
  • Municipal and industrial reuse is being practiced in many places around the world
  • IDE brings innovative technology to this field which allows to gain more water from this source, in a safer and more environmentally-friendly way.

Lior Eshed, Product Development Manager, IDE Water Technologies

Digitalisation In Pipe Networks, From Leak Detection To Network Monitoring

  • Digitalization in pipe networks
  • From leak detection to network monitoring
  • Traditional leak detection
  • Smart City approach
  • Changing market requirements
  • SebaKMT network monitoring solution
  • Cloud software solution POSEYEDON

Sascha Kufik, Business Unit Director Water, SebaKMT, (Part of the MEGGER Group)

Using Digital Transformation To Achieve Environmental Goals

The world faces huge environmental challenges and has set itself large environmental goals to help improve our environment so that future generations aren’t detrimentally affected. Those that operate in the Water & Environment Industries face huge challenges from increased flooding and drought due the climate change, the race to net zero and mitigating pollution from all sources.
  • How Digital Transformation can be used to help the world manage the challenges that we face
  • How we can use instrumentation systems and digital techniques to help manage leakage and potable water consumption
  • How we are currently using instrumentation and Digital tools to manage the pollution problem

Oliver Grievson, Deputy Chair – Professional Standards, CIWEM – Chartered Institution Of Water & Environmental Management

Smart Water Metering For Smart Cities

  • Going big with smart metering and data volumes
  • Turning data into Insight into Action
  • The adoption of communications and metering solutions to deliver more cost effective solutions
  • Integration of other smart sensors and data sources
  • Using data and insight to influence water policy, regulation and operations

Andrew Tucker, Demand Reduction Strategy Manager, Thames Water

Predicting & Managing Water Usage Demand

  • Smart data: re-writing understanding of usage, leakage and water balance
  • Turning data into Insight into Action
  • Water usage changing with Covid19
  • Mitigating continuous flows and summer peak demand
  • Using data and insight to influence water policy, regulation and operations

Andrew Tucker, Demand Reduction Strategy Manager, Thames Water

Procurement of Water Retail Services: Maximising Service Provision

  • Portfolio Data Management and Ensuring Market Eligibility.
  • Minimising Retailer’s Risk Premium in pricing.
  • Contract Specification – Opportunities and Problems Experienced.
  • Integrating Water Efficiency into Retail Contracts, including water performance contracting.

Matt Hull, Water Services Manager, Laser Energy