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Smart Water Middle East 2023, Dubai 30 Nov                                                                                                     الشرق الاوسط للمياه الذكيه ٢٠٢٢ ، دبي ٢٤ مارس

Innovation In Water Network Digitalization, Smart Water IoT, Net-Zero & Sustainability, Leak Prevention, Detection & Water Security For The Middle East

  • Discussing Imminent Water Challenges And Effective Solutions For The MEA Region
  • Exploring The Latest Developments In Innovative Water Utility And Water Network Digitalization Projects Across The Region; Delivered By Governing Bodies, Water Leaders And Key Stake Holders
  • Addressing The Real-Time Challenges of Water Resource Management, Water Supply And Sanitation, Leak Prevention Water Security And Sustainability
  • Advancing Sustainable Solutions To Water Shortage, Purification, Desalination, Storage, Security; Sharing The Knowledge And Analysing Technologies To Address Challenges Linked To Clean Water Production, Climate Change And Water Resource Management
  • An Important Meeting For Stakeholders Investing In The Middle East & North African Water Utility & Technology Network, Reflecting The Key Water Network Drivers , Promoting The Priority Areas For Development In Key Water Related Sectors
  • Showcasing The Latest Technological Advancements And Discussing The Latest Trends Relating To Clean Water In The Middle East Region: Water Security, Transboundary Water Cooperation, Water For Sustainable Development

Global Water Utility Community                                                                                                                                                                     مجتمع المياه العالمي

Welcome To Smart Water Middle East, Conference And Exhibition Where Global Water Utility Experts, Leakage Experts, Smart Water Technology Providers And Network Service Providers Will Meet To Explore Different Cost Effective Solutions For The Water Utilities Industry

Our Mission at Smart Water Middle East is to realize and assist in the development of the Water Network Infrastructure of Middle-East countries and help to shape a reliable and efficient future for the water sector.

The Middle East Region faces complex challenges to its water stability, security, and sustainability. The continuous rise in water use due to socio economic development, combined with water scarcity and growing climate variability will continue to impact and stress water availability.

Smart Water Middle East will address the most crucial, key, and current water challenges with a content led, solution focused agenda curated in partnership with a steering committee of regional water utility bodies. SWME is a core part of a global portfolio of Smart Water Network events organised by WeWater Group, the foremost communication network for water practitioners and technologists, delivering unique specialised conferences and exhibitions all over the world, attended by utility experts, solution providers and practicians to explore the best practices, innovations and latest technologies.

The SWME Summit is one of the regions most highly regarded communication networks and physical opportunities to meet peers, exhibitors, make deals, build partnerships and view the latest technologies and innovations in the water and environmental sector.

This flagship, industry leading Water Utilities and Networks event is a packed, one-day, high-level technical conference that brings together global industry though leaders, decision makers, and key stake holders, policy makers and governing officials from across the region and indeed world.

One of this year’s main focuses will be on the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 which aims to reduce average consumption per capita by half as well as focus on sustainable practices. The agenda covers various areas of water technology and examines three key elements in the 2036 strategy including Water Demand Management, Water Supply Management, Emergency Production and Distribution and how to meet the key challenges with advanced technologies. We will analyse opportunities to Harness Predictive Data Technology, and Examin Strategies For Environmentally Friendly Desalination to Reduce Carbon Emissions and meeting the global target of net zero.

The 2022 technical programme addresses the sector and regions key, and current challenges, including Optimal Methods of Upgrading Legacy Systems and how to Utilise AI and IoT Technologies to enable them to become instrumental tools in creating a sustainable future with water access for all. Water Leakage, Prevention and Detection will be a continued theme; undetected leakages being a key contributor of global water loss, currently valued at $40 billion per year, driving ever increasing demand for innovative cost-effective solutions.

This event will allow you to better understand the best ways to navigate through the tricky framework when choosing a supplier, how to determine your needs as an organisation and the key questions to ask when sourcing a supplier and have the chance to meet solution providers face to face.

2023 Key Themes :

Visitors Can Take Part In A Busy Program of Specialised Content-Led Sessions And Workshops Hosted By Global Experts, Professional And Regional Water Leaders

International, UAE, Middle East and North Africa; Key Decision makers

Geographical and Ecological Challenges To A Robust Full Water Life Cycle in MENA

Hydrological sustainability

Water Sourcing

Water Treatment & Quality

Global Warming Outcomes at a Regional Level

Water Reuse & RecyclingAutomation & AI Products

Design & Commission Modelling and Simulation

Digital Twin

Water Resource Constraints & Prediction

Future Proof Infrastructure

Energy Use Reduction

Optimization & Digitalization of Water Networks:

Modular Integration within a Legacy Infrastructure

Reengineering, Transitioning to a IoT Smart Network

Moving Towards a Machine-Learning, Intuitive, and AI Managed Network

Digitalization = Transformation?

Sensors & Monitoring

NRW: Reduction of Leakage Run Time

Spills Contamination Wastewater

Trunk and Localized Pipelines Sensory Technology


Digital Water Solutions: Leakage And Smart Networks

Ensuring Minimum Water Loss During The Supply From Water Plant To The End-User

How has technology advanced in this field and which new opportunities can help to achieve constant and reliable monitoring and control.

What are the efficiencies that a data driven approach can bring?

Digital water utilities are essential to a smart city: How to become a digital city

Meeting regulations and water leakage targets

Digitalization In Pipe Networks, From Leak Detection to Network Monitoring

Digitalization in pipe networks

From leak detection to network monitoring

Traditional leak detection

Smart City approach

Changing market requirements

Network monitoring solution

Cloud Software Platform SaaS

Operational & Management Data Across the OT & IT Infrastructure

Going big with smart metering and data volumes

Remote Devices at the Edge, Data Response in the Field

Turning data into Insight into Action

The adoption of communications and metering solutions to deliver more cost-effective solutions

Integration of other smart sensors and data sources

Using data and insight to influence water policy, regulation, and operations

Non-Revenue Water, Leak Detection & Repair, Addressing Ageing Infrastructure with Innovative & Disruptive Technologies

Jointing Technology

Pipeline Refurbishment In Situ

Resilient Pipe and Valves

Combating Corrosion

Technology & Solutions Exhibition Showcase:

Present Products And Solutions, The Best Practices And The Latest Technologies

Promoting the sustainable innovative solutions for water shortage, purification, desalination, storage and technologies that address challenges linked to clean water production, climate change and water resource management.

  • Water Management Solutions
  • Water SCADA Automation & Instrumentation
  • Engineering & Procurement
  • Smart Solutions
  • Agricultural Consultancies
  • Water Filters, Components for Water Treatment, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and RO Filtration
  • Pumping Station Solutions
  • Smart Metering
  • Innovation Technologies
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Water Transmission & Distribution Related Products
  • MEP, Water Flow and Pressure Products, switch gear and control
  • Water Management Companies
  • Equipment and Water Softeners, Industrial Water Treatment
  • Desalination Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Leak Detection Equipment
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Water & Electricity (Utility Provider)
  • Water Flow Control Products (Valves, controls, fittings, pipes, pipeline products
  • Communication, Security, Cyber Security
  • Sewerage and Drainage Pipelines
  • Portable Water Pipelines
  • Irrigation Pipelines
  • Pumping Stations And Other Similar Infrastructure Works
  • Automation & AI Products

Showcase Your Solutions As An Industry Innovator

Why Present, Sponsor & Exhibit At Smart Water Middle East 2022

  • Position your brand as a key player in the fast developing digitalized water sector
  • Expose your brand to a highly targeted audience and meet senior decision maker
  • Create business opportunities in the Water and Environmental industry sectors
  • Present your latest technologies, share best practices and expertise
  • Opportunity to network with government decision makers, business leaders, investors, and country delegation from across the Middle East, North Africa and around the world
  • A targeted and cost effective opportunity to meet senior decision makers and reaffirm relationships across the region
  • Unrivalled opportunities to promote your products and services to a captivated, engaged audience of water and environmental professionals
  • Build on opportunities in Dubai and across the region
  • Explore current and future water projects in the region and the latest market trends, policies and regulations set out by government authorities
  • Product demonstrations and speaking opportunities in conferences and seminars
  • Direct access to new business development opportunities
  • Reinforce your brands position amongst national and international companies
  • Display your brands profile to an industry-focused audience including utility companies, engineering contractors, service providers, government agencies and regulatory authorities

VIP Guest Invitations


Electricity _ Water Authority
Minister of Agriculture_ Water Resources_ and Fisheries – Tunisia
Minister of Energy_ Mines and Environment – Morocco
Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation - Egypt
Ministry of Agriculture_ Fisheries_ Environment_ Territory Planning and Urban – Comoros
Ministry of Electricity and Water – Kuwait
Ministry of Energy and Water – Lebanon
Ministry of Energy and Water Resources - Somalia
Ministry of Regional Municipalities _ Water Resources – Oman
Ministry of Equipment and Transport - Mauritania
Ministry of Water _ Environment - Yemen
Ministry of Water and Irrigation - Jordan
Ministry of Water Resources – Iraq
Ministry of Water Resources – Algeria
Ministry of Water_ Environment and Agriculture – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Qatar General Electricity _ Water Corporation
Water Authority – Palestine

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